Photo Series: Dreamstate

Devon (UK) is always a great place for photography in the summer; these were taken on the southern coast, close to Exeter.

30 July 2020

Every year, the family and I make several trips down to the south coast of Devon. Whatever the weather, few things are more relaxing than a calm stroll along the coast, taking in the views and that fresh sea air.

We timed our first trip of the year well this time. The sun was shining, the temperature was just right, and the conditions perfect to attempt some long exposure photography.

This fisherman was bravely perched on a narrow groyne.

In between shooting, I chatted with this local fisherman who introduced himself as Joy. He had lived in the area for many years and told me that he often comes down to this particular groyne as his favourite spot. Joy recalled how he has had much luck over the years catching his favourite fish (mackerel). No sooner had he finished his sentenced, he pulled up a haul of 5 fishes on a single line!

Unfortunately in my haste to capture the image before the fish flew off, I messed up the shutter speed.

Below are some more long exposure images of some coastal groynes (sea defences). These exposures were typically in the 60-120 second range.

And here are some regular shots that were not taken as long exposures.

The Daymark, a day beacon designed to serve as a navigational aid for mariners.
A view from High Peak, which is situated upon a partially eroded cliff face.
The SW coastal path near to Coleton Fishacre (National Trust).

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