Photo Series: Indian Nights

These photos were taken on a recent holiday to India.

10 July 2020

A few months ago, the family and I went on a holiday to India. It is an amazing place to visit as a photographer during the day and I was eager to see what I could capture at night.

It was a warm time of year with balmy evenings and a gentle breeze. There was a lot of pollution in the air which created a smoky effect around streetlights and backlit shop signs. I remember thinking that our driver must have been going crazy at the amount of times I asked him to stop in the middle of nowhere so I could take a picture.

Most imagery people see of India tend to be during the day or of famous sights. I wanted to try something different, and capture the hazy warmth of the real India. In addition, I post-processed my photos with a warm tone to aid this. I also dialed down the contrast and lifted the blacks to create a nostalgic and calm feel; a counter-weight against the chaotic nature of life in India.


I'm very proud to announce that this series has been featured in a photography publication called AntiVirus Gallery at

The Nut Seller
More people than there should ever reasonably be in the back of a rickshaw.
Not the police.
Sunset over the River Yamuna - taken from a corner of the Taj Mahal.
An Indian wedding marquee..
There are many signs like this decorating the skylines of buildings in Indian cities.
The smog is so thick that it volumises light like fog.
Some shops seem to be open all hours of the night.
The monkeys around cities have become tame and fearless of humans.

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