Hi there. I’m Rohit, a designer, developer and photographer based in London, UK.

Check out some of my design, photography and development work experience below or reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram.


I am a proponent of minimalism, and given the choice, I try to design products that are easy to use and easy on the eye. I like to showcase design through careful choice of typography (I’m a huge fan of variable fonts and the possibilities they offer), natural photography, whitespace, and keeping clutter down to a minimum through thoughtful application architecture.

UX & UI Design

I have extensive experience in both digital and print design. I have designed websites ranging from blue chips that have audiences in the millions, to brochures for startups. I am also comfortable with basic video editing. My MSc in Human Computer Interaction gives me an academic background in UX.


My main development experience lies in front-end architecture (TypeScript/ES6+, React, SCSS/CSS, Yarn). I am experienced in building for varying screen sizes (responsive design), web animation, page performance and keeping bundle sizes down.

I also have basic experience in SEO optimisation, including configuration of site analytics and tracking goals.


What started off as a casual hobby, has now become a fully fledged side project. My photography work has been featured in online photography magazines and I also sell prints through my store, with most of my clients finding me through Instagram.

You can see some of my photography series on my Blog.